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We launch web apps & sites beyond the clouds

The crew was established back in 2009, around two developers who were flying under a different flag. Our station is located in Bucharest, Romania.

We share a love for the web, but our bond goes beyond that; we've travelled the world, created a tennis tradition and managed to stay strong through many boardgame nights, including Game of Thrones.

UnderWeb Baloon

We can save you time by developing a web app that manages your entire business activity. Or maybe you need that one big database with intuitive user interface and clear data visualization; we've got it!

We build fast and responsive websites with personalized design and custom CMS.
Often WordPress fits the project; we prefer coding custom themes & plugins.

If you have products to sell, we'll make you an eCommerce platform. It can be fully custom - design, front-end & CMS or we can go for some well-known platforms like WooCommerce, Opencart or Prestashop.

UnderWeb Plane
Thailanda Romania


Custom Wordpress that scores 100 in all Google Lighthouse tests on both mobile and desktop. Minimum JavaScript usage (with graceful degradation) and fully accesible with screen readers.

Wu Xing

Wu Xing

Online food ordering platform with product catalog, client area, ordering system and online payment. We created an API and connected the website with their internal CRM.



Tarom needed help with moving their internal software to new technologies. We analysed their daily workflow and consulted them on changes and upgrades that needed to be implemented.

Thailand Travel

Thailanda Travel

We worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailandto develop an eLearning platformfor travel agents from Romania and Bulgaria. The design was made by our friends at Craft Interactive.

Teodora Enache

Teodora Enache

Brandientcomissioned us for the development of Teodora Enache's new website. We turned their design into a clean wordpress custom theme.



B2B web platform for Branderpromo's partners with mobile first approach. The platform includes product catalog, ordering, accounts, invoicing and internal ordering tracking.


The Histories and Film Festival in Rasnov

A simple responsive website with event calendar and custom CMS.

The Thailand Race

The Thailand Race

We worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailandto build an online photography contest between Romania and Bulgaria. It was designed by our friends at Craft Interactive.

UnderWeb Drill

At the core of every great project is even better communication. Give it a try and let's see if we can help.

You can drop us some lines at office@underweb.ro or give us a call at +40 723 018 903.